The Best Business Podcasts for English Learning

I love business podcasts! Some of them are dedicated to Business English, while others just introduce exciting business-related topics. I think that a mixture of both kinds is the best to help you understand and speak better in a business environment.

Why should you listen to business podcasts?

  • Double value: improve your English comprehension and learn about the new trends in business.

  • Expand your vocabulary

  • Get exposed to the essential business management information

  • Meet entrepreneurs and influencers from the business world to get inspiration and ideas

  1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn : My absolute favourite. It presents weekly interviews, strategy, and advice for building your online business the smart way. I listen to it regularly and have learned tons of

  2. Podcasts for professionals by the British Council with tasks and script

  3. Down to Business A podcast for people who use English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) in their work environment and want to improve their overall language skills. In each episode, hosts Skip Montreux, Dez Morgan, and Samantha Vega discuss Business news making headlines around the world. Through their discussions, Skip, Dez and Samantha introduce English vocabulary & phrases related to business, review grammar, and identify cultural differences found in International business situations. An excellent way to improve listening comprehension skills, keep up with business trends, and advance your career.

  4. Business English Pod Business English Pod publishes free weekly business English ESL podcast lessons and audio / e-Book courses for intermediate and advanced business English learners. Each business English podcast lesson is focused on a particular workplace English skill (meetings, presentations, telephoning, negotiating, socializing, travel, conversation etc.) and language function (clarifying, disagreeing, questioning, expressing opinions, persuasion etc.).

Business English Pod's MP3 lessons feature example training dialogs with clear explanations of the target language, vocabulary, idioms and useful phrases, followed by a short practice and review session. The audio lessons can be downloaded directly from the website and mobile apps or transferred to your mobile device using free software.

  1. TED-Ed Business: This platform contains mini-lectures with slides and tasks dedicated to a wide variety of business topics

Business Podcasts for English learning
February, 20 / 2022

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